Australia Universities for Americans

There are eight Australian schools near the Top 100 Global Rankings.

33University of MelbourneMelbourne
47Australian National University (ANU)Canberra
51University of SydneyCamperdown
61University of QueenslandBrisbane
66Monash UniversityMelbourne
67University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Kensington
100University of AdelaideAdelaide
107University of Western AustraliaPerth

English is the national language of Australia, making language no concern.


Applications to Australian universities are usually due no later than December, although most universities open their application periods much earlier.

In Australia, international students on student visas must study with an institution and in a course registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Australia is similar to America in providing online applications for each university. In addition, the SAT/ACT requirements are identical to most public American universities. And even the most prestigious Australian schools should be within reach for high-performing individuals.

SchoolSATACTInt. Tuition (USD)FAFSA?
University of Melbourne1250-140026-30$22,700 – $34,750Yes
Australian National University (ANU)1170-143023-33$28,900 – $38,600Yes
University of Sydney1090-143021-31$32,000 – $37,700Yes
University of Queensland980-1290*21-29*$18,200Yes
Monash UniversityN/AN/A$19,700 – $28,600Yes
University of New South Wales1130-137022-31$27,000 – $35,000Yes
University of AdelaideN/AN/A$25,900 – $33,500Yes
University of Western Australia1100-1270*20-27*$24,900 – $31,500Yes
* Shows selection rank %. These are for 70-90%. They also will take AP credit into account.


Like Canada, all the top Australian Universities allow for FAFSA. You can take out a loan just like you would for an American institution. Tuition is similar to most public American universities and can be cheaper depending on your study area. Most universities adjust tuition fees based on your major. Also, since you can get your degree in only three years in Australia, you can save at least 25% and a year of your life.

Other Tips

  • In Australia, a standard degree program takes three years. However, most students take double or combined degrees, which can take longer.
  • A fourth year is offered for honors which requires a thesis to complete.
  • Australian unis have you choose your major in the first year and are a narrower focus than American universities.
  • The academic year is split into two semesters: March through June and July through October. Students are usually limited to no more than four classes per semester.
  • Most Australian students don’t have a close attachment to their university or sports clubs like American schools.

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