Netherlands Universities for Americans

There are six Netherlands schools in the Top 100 Global Rankings.

56University of AmsterdamAmsterdamEnglish & Dutch**$14,800
62Utrecht UniversityUtrechtDutch*$20,000
76Wageningen University and ResearchWageningenEnglish & Dutch**$17,800
83Leiden UniversityLeidenEnglish & Dutch$21,000
86Erasmus University RotterdamRotterdamEnglish & Dutch$7,400-$14,000
92University of GroningenGroningenEnglish & Dutch$11,000-$16,400
139Delft University of TechnologyDelftEnglish & Dutch**$22,400
*English classes offered to a varying degree
**Offers some degrees in English

The Netherlands is a complicated country for educational instruction languages. Although Dutch is the national language of The Netherlands, there seems to be a push to have English in their higher education. Many universities are dual-language, and some offer degrees or classes in English or Dutch only. Before applying to a university, make sure you know what they expect of your Dutch language abilities.


Before considering the Netherlands, there is an extreme housing crisis as of this writing. The Dutch government is now asking universities to stop international student recruitment.


Although tuition for American students is significantly higher than for Dutch or EU students, it is still less than even in-state tuition at many public institutions.

Other Tips

  • Many Dutch programs now offer degrees in only three years.
  • Although English is heavily used in the Netherlands and its universities, you should have at least of basic knowledge of Dutch if you plan on attending a university there.
  • Healthcare is not required for international students. However, it would be best if you looked into getting Dutch student healthcare.
  • Delft is the only top university with a well-regarded engineering program.
  • Dutch are known to be cold to foreigners and expect to make friends with other international students.

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