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Air (2023)

The A-List magic continued on Monday night for our second movie in two days. Mandy and I saw Matt Damon in Ben Affleck’s Air in a 97-person theater Monday, April 17 7:05 CT.


We arrived at 7:08 in the middle of the GotG3 and may have missed a trailer.


Movie Time: 7:05
Trailers End: 7:28
Movie Start: 7:31
Credits Start: 9:18

Movie Start Delay: 26m
Non-Credit Movie Runtime: 1h47m
Listed Runtime: 1h51m

My Brief Review

This movie gets an R, thanks to profanity and background-era-appropriate smoking. This could, however, be turned into a Disney-friendly film very easily. Affleck knows no one under 17 will care about a business-focused story around an event forty years ago.

You are quickly lured in with a series of “Remember 1984?” clips and flashes of old-school devices and commercials. I was only two when Jordan was drafted, but I also thought my Dad having a phone in his car was incredible. The sets and clothing are all top-notch. Affleck rocks jogging wear like few others. Adidas and Converse being featured so prominently was a surprise as many other similar movies shy away from bringing in the competing brands. Adidas and Converse logos are featured prominently. Even a few seconds of air time for the Adidas Forum was appreciated.

Although the ending is as well known as Oppenheimer’s, there are pieces to the puzzle that even a minor sneakerhead like myself was unaware of. You meet the minor characters that helped revolutionize Nike and the shoe world.

Probably five minutes could be removed from the movie, but the pace never felt slow.

Damon and Affleck have a few solid scenes, but I think Chris Tucker stole the show. Viola Davis was also impressive as Deloris Jordan.


Tom 7.5/10
Mandy 8/10

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