Down With the Sweetness

I have an unhealthy relationship with candy.

When I used to work, we got free snacks.

I enjoyed eating Red Vines, but also Skittles… at the same time.

I don’t know if this is gluttony or genius, but I enjoy it.

The value here is that the repetitive texture of sugar and gummy candies can make them no longer enjoyable. After you have a whole bag of Skittles, the inside of your mouth can feel like a tire melting on the pavement.

However, when you add different consistencies, it makes a much better eating experience. I never tried anything more than the Skittles & Red Vines combo, but I wonder what other options would be delightful.

I feel that adding sour candy would be crucial. For example, replace Skittles with Sour Skittles. Red Vines with Sour Punch Straws or sour gummy worms.

But why stop at two?

While I went to get my sugar pair, I would always pass by the trail mix.

Why isn’t there a mix of just candy? I don’t mean a Halloween mix in individually wrapped miniature sweets. I mean a grab bag of loose sticky goodness.

I found websites that offer similar ideas; Mix My Candy or Poppin Candy. However, these are only offering generic-type candies. I want to be able to buy a bag filled with Nerds, Pop Rocks, Sour Skittles, and Sweet Tarts.

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