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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)

With Mandy out of town and one movie left for my AMC A-List week, I decided to treat the kids to a movie on a Thursday night. So we saw Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Thursday, April 20, @ 5:20 pm in a 141-person theater.


We also saw the Dungeons & Dragons cast call us heroes for a minute and a half.


Movie Time: 5:20
Trailers End: 5:37
Movie Start: 5:41
Credits Start: 7:46

Movie Start Delay: 21m
Non-Credit Movie Runtime: 2h5m
Listed Runtime: 2h14m

My Brief Review

It was fantastic to be sent into a new fantastical world. This is not a Knight’s Tale but a new world with hybrid creatures and brand-new characters. There are a lot of flashbacks to build some lore slowly, but the world stands on its own.

Pierce Brosnan and Chris Pine add tremendous energy to the film and help you stay interested in the adventures occurring. I was constantly comparing the movie to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as the party contains a lot of similarities. A small Bradley Cooper even appears in each.

Most importantly, my children were thoroughly entertained by the film. We are not a D&D family, but it was a fun movie that was never too crude or violent. This is going to be the start of the next mega-franchise for sure. And I wish we could see it in a Dolby Cinema theater.


Tom 7.5/10
14-year-old 9.5/10
11-year-old 9.5/10

Average 8.3/10

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