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Evil Dead Rise (2023)

I decided to run 3 miles to see Evil Dead Rise in a 97-person theater Friday, April 28, at 11:25 am CT.


I arrived 15 minutes late and still saw three trailers before the movie started.


Movie Time: 11:25
Trailers End: 11:46
Movie Start: 11:49
Credits Start: 1:19

Movie Start Delay: 21m
Non-Credit Movie Runtime: 1h30m
Listed Runtime: 1h36m

My Brief Review

I have never seen an Evil Dead movie. This might ban me from many movie circles, but it is a fact. I didn’t see a trailer for the film, and positive reviews were enough to win over my first A-List viewing of the week. On Fridays, there are late-morning showings, allowing me to get a movie in before picking up my youngest from school.

I knew it was a horror movie, and it started with fairly solid tension and deaths. I quickly realized, however, that this scene had nothing to do with the film’s main characters. Instead, it was like seeing a horror short before the actual movie.

I didn’t recognize any actors, but the children performed strongly.

The movie felt very formulaic, and although there were some excellent cringe-inducing scenes and general horror, I never felt uneasy or fearful. It was serious in tone but did have what felt like a comedic moment halfway through. However, I was unsure about laughing because I didn’t know if it was meant to be funny.

I might have missed some of the lore or possible callbacks because I cannot recommend it as a new series viewer.


Tom 5/10

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