Movie Review

No Hard Feelings (2023)

I saw No Hard Feelings in a 136-person cinema at AMC Theater on Monday, July 10, at 7:15 CT. I went with my wife. We arrived a little late for the trailers at 7:25.

Trailers Seen


  • Start Time: 7:15
  • Last Trailer End: 7:35
  • Start of Movie (after Dolby Cinema & Kidman): 7:37
  • End of Movie: 9:14

Movie Start Delay (Dolby Cinema): 22m
Runtime: 1h43m
Non-Credit Runtime: 1h37m

Brief Review

The movie was formulaic, building on previous “you only did it for the money” type movies.

However, seeing Jennifer Lawrence in a reasonably light-hearted movie was a breath of fresh air. She had a solid comedic performance to go along with the heartfelt moments of the film. She carried the rarely-seen R-rated comedy.

It is a perfect date night movie, but not one that a small child with an Icee bigger than their head should be watching.


Tom: 7/10
Mandy: 8/10

Average: 7.5/10

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