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The Boogeyman (2023)

The blockbusters are claiming most of the theaters, but I caught an afternoon horror movie with my 14-year-old and saw The Boogeyman in a 97-person theater Tuesday, June 6th, @ 1:45 CT.


We arrived at the theater just as Nicole Kidman was sparkling.


Movie Time: 1:45
Movie Start: 2:08
Credits Start: 3:40

Movie Start Delay: 23m
Non-Credit Movie Runtime: 1h32m
Listed Runtime: 1h38m

My Brief Review

This is a competent film. The acting was solid, and the story made sense, but nothing was exciting or ground-breaking. The movie introduces a monster that, according to the movie, “has existed since the beginning of time.” But it generates no other lore. The beast is simply a creature to be hunted, not representing something more powerful.

The Stranger Things ties are strong, but characters outside the sisters feel pointless. There are two scenes in a school, but everything revolves around the movie’s lead. There are a few jump scares, and you do a little creepy feeling throughout, but I was never genuinely scared.

If you’re a horror fan, it’s worth a rent, but it’s a pass for me.


Tom 5/10

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