Talkie Trivia Update

Last year I brought up the idea of “Talkie-Trivia.” This is one of the few unrealities I have been working to make a reality.

I have been working on the project since May. Slowly, of course.

As a programmer, I am familiar with projects taking longer than expected. However, since programming is only one of the many things I do daily, I only spend 5-15 minutes daily.

I find something in the code I can progress on and then move on. Sometimes I have to dig into issues, and I can procrastinate by making minor UX/UI changes and try the following day again.

I’ve stayed true to the vision of the post. I break apart summaries from movies and have you try to guess what movie the summary is talking about. It’s not perfect because some summaries include the movie title or too easy of hints, but I find it entertaining.

I made it over severe roadblocks, like using Firebase and having a Google login available. But unfortunately, these steps slowed me down when making my WarningTrack mobile app.

I’m currently working on tracking win stats for the game, which is the last major piece of functionality to write.

iOS screengrab 02/11/23

There are some minor things I need to work through, but I’m scared of the final step…Getting Talkie-Trivia on an app store.

Not only am I unsure of the entire process of getting the app on both the Google Play and iOS stores. However, it also means that the app would be available for anyone to access. I fear the app would be denied for some copyright claim on movie titles or the basis of being trash. But as I have made it a goal to stop avoiding success, who cares?

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