How to Start Applying to Top Colleges

One of the significant changes in the college landscape is how students apply to the colleges they want to attend. In the past, applicants needed to submit different forms to each university they hoped to attend. The Common App has changed everything.

If you want to attend any top college in the United States besides MITGeorgetown, or a University of California school, you can use Common App to apply. The site is an incredible resource that can alleviate the stress of applying to a school.

You still need to narrow your list of choices, as the Common App only allows you to select 20 schools. Each school will charge you an application fee of $70 on average. However, you can receive an application fee waiver if you meet the requirements, one of which is qualifying for a Pell Grant.

If you want to apply to a top school in the United Kingdom (CambridgeOxford, or Edinburgh), you will do so via the UCS. You can only apply to Cambridge or Oxford, and since Cambridge is less expensive than Oxford for most majors, it may make the most sense. It also only costs $35 to apply to multiple schools.

If you would like to attend a top Canadian school, you will need to apply to Toronto ($135), McGill ($60), or British Columbia ($95) individually.

No matter where you want to apply, know when you need to apply. Something we’ll look at next week.

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