Movie Review

Haunted Mansion (2023)

I saw Haunted Mansion in a 141-person Dolby Cinema at AMC Theater on Friday, July 28th, at 12:40 CT with my 11-year-old.

Trailers Seen


  • Start Time: 12:40
  • Last Trailer End: 1:03
  • Start of Movie (after Dolby Cinema & Kidman): 1:07
  • End of Movie: 3:01

Movie Start Delay (Dolby Cinema): 27m
Runtime: 2h2m
Non-Credit Runtime: 1h54m

Brief Review

The movie is too long. Some relationship-building and side trips could have been eliminated. But this movie is not bad. It is a solid family-friendly Halloween movie. Although there are probably no “A-List” actors in the film, it is stacked with B-List, and I enjoyed the performances by LaKeith and Rosario Dawson. I laughed at a few scenes, and one of the scary scenes made a young child in the theater cry. The plot made sense and still integrated the ride experience. Kids will be dying to see this on Disney Plus come Halloween.


Tom: 6.5/10
11-year-old: 9.5/10

Average: 8/10

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