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Oppenheimer (2023)

I saw Oppenheimer in a 274-person IMAX theater Friday, July 21, at 2:30 pm CT. I arrived a little late at 2:40 as I knew I had three hours ahead of me.


  • The Creator (September 29)
  • Killers of the Flower Moon (October 6)
  • The Exorcist: The Exorcist: Believer (October 13) (I don’t see a version online, it was in IMAX format, but it also did not look like a movie I would want to see)


Movie Time: 2:30
Trailers End: 2:48
Movie Start: 2:50
Credits Start: 5:44

Movie Start Delay: 20m
Non-Credit Movie Runtime: 2h54m
Listed Runtime: 3h

My Brief Review

I made a post about my excitement for this movie. It is my favorite director doing a biographical film in a glorious format. I, unfortunately, might not be able to see this in 70mm. I watched it in full IMAX at my local theater, but I know it is nothing compared to higher quality IMAX, let alone 70mm.

This film is tough for me to score. I need to be harsher on it than other films, as I have such a high standard for Nolan films. I don’t feel this film is a ten upon my first watch. The Strauss v. Oppenheimer dynamic was confusing as a historically inept person. The final act ultimately paid off, however.

The acting was spectacular. The number of high-quality actors playing bit parts is something very few directors can pull off. This film is a must-watch, and the amount of drama Nolan could weave into the story was excellent. I would not put it above Inception or The Dark Knight. Watching it in 70mm may help.


Tom 9/10

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