Oppenheimer is Coming

Christopher Nolan is my favorite director.

I didn’t appreciate what a director did for a movie until I rewatched The Prestige.

I said, “That was amazing; it felt like a Dark Knight movie!” So I looked up the movie’s director and saw it was, of course, Christopher Nolan.

Mind-bending movies like Interstellar and Inception would never be possible if it weren’t for Nolan. Of course, they are not perfect films, but they delight me like few others.

In less than a month, on July 21st, he will release his latest movie, Oppenheimer.

Besides being Nolan’s next movie, and therefore a must-watch, something else is at play. Nolan recorded this movie on physical film. Not just any film either, 70mm IMAX film. This allows for a comparative resolution of around 12-18K.

Unfortunately, only 25 theaters in the United States can show this mammoth of a movie in all of its splendor.

I want to be immersed in an atomic blast in a theater.

Nolan crashed an actual 747 for Tenet, and I expect him to drop an atomic bomb on an island just for one shot. But where are these stadiums showing Oppenheimer in 70mm?

The three most reasonable options for me would be Indianapolis, Nashville, and Grand Rapids. I looked at tickets in Indianapolis and found they have shows at 11:30, 3:15, and 7:00 from July 20th to August 9th.

It is $20 a ticket and three and a half hours away, but it should be a fantastic spectacle to watch!

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