100 Grams of Protein

I don’t have a great relationship with food. The first place I went after I learned to ride a bike (at age 12) was to a candy store.

Nestle Crunch is such an underrated candy bar.

I’ve tried lots of diets, but I know the simplest way to lose weight is to reduce calories in and increase calories out. It was one of the few things I learned in college that stayed with me.

Unfortunately, I also know that you can eat donuts for breakfast, skip lunch, snack on goldfish in the afternoon, have pasta for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

I wanted to set a minimum bar of health. That bar was to consume at least 100 grams of protein every day.

Why 100 grams?

This isn’t a purely arbitrary number. I tried my best to do some research for a recommended amount of protein for a 160 pound male in his thirties. The most commonly accepted standard is a half a gram per pound of weight. Therefore 80 grams would be acceptable, but 100 is much easier to remember.

Also since a gram of protein is 4 calories, 400 of my daily calories would be from protein. With a 2000 calorie a day diet I would ensure 20% are coming from protein. On the worst days when I hit 4000 calories, I’d still get at least 10% from protein.

How Has it Been Going?

I have now been consuming 100 grams of protein for almost 1000 straight days (December 28, 2020). I have found that it gives me a really strong baseline for my day and helps avoid dramatic mood shifts.

I usually get at least 60 grams in the morning and lately more via a protein shake and protein bars.

I love the Premium Protein shakes, but they are so expensive compared to getting some protein powder and a blender. You can easily recoup your blender cost in a couple of months if you don’t already own one.

I then usually combine a Kirkland Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar with a Mint Balance Bar.

It’s basically dessert for breakfast.

Getting the protein early in the day helps keep me satiated and makes me stress less about wondering where I’m going to be getting my protein throughout the day.

10/10 Would Recommend.

Eat Your Protein

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