2022 Streaks in Review (Part 1)

As 2022 comes to a close, we look at how my streaks are fairing.


I have found this app outstanding. Timecap allows me to easily track all my streaks, including a timer for fasting and sleep. I bought the lifetime version and have been very happy.

Running (2428-day streak)

As of December 31, 2022. I have run six or more miles for 2,428 consecutive days.

I ran for my sixth straight year of 3000 or more miles. I plan on passing Cal Ripken’s streak on July 24 next year.

I don’t have any other goals besides trying to get my miles up.

I ran a half marathon in April at 1:29:53. I’m incredibly proud to have run that distance under a seven-minute pace. However, Boston still eludes me. The University of Illinois will again not offer a marathon distance for 2023.

I need to decide whether or not I want to try to qualify for 2024 and get a sub-7:15 marathon time at some race in 2023. Indianapolis has a full marathon on October 23, giving me plenty of time to train but also giving me plenty of time to delay training.

Running has become so much of my life that it is hard to evaluate whether or not I should keep doing it. However, I feel good after I get my run done. The eight miles are usually relatively easy, but I still procrastinate, which can delay advancements in other areas of my life. Adding some cross-training would be a positive step. But it isn’t easy to regain the motivation to do more after running for over an hour.

Verdict: Keep running eight miles a day in 2023.

Intermittent Fasting (1022-day streak)

I think about food too much. I treat food like a reward that I usually have not even earned.

Food was one of the few things I looked forward to as a child. So when I learned to ride a bike, I rode it to the candy shop.

I delay my gratification when I fast, but I’m also staring at a clock. In the last year, I could count on one hand the number of times I fasted over my usual 15 hours without realizing it. If I stop eating at 530, I can eat again at 830. If I drink a beer a trivia at 730, I now have to wait until 1030. Those hours are a real pain when you are up at 600 daily.

I want to be able to eat whenever I want, but I also know that leads to mindless eating of whatever randomly comes into my brain. For example, “We have cookies?” is followed immediately by, “I should eat those right now.” After “We don’t have cookies?” comes, “I should make some cookies and eat the dough.”

Verdict: Continue fasting. Reduce to 14 hours when genuinely hangry.


With our oldest in high school, I must be up by no later than 630 to get them to school. It’s not that early by most adults’ standards, but it does require me to get to bed at a decent hour. Seven hours has been working for me, and I rarely take naps unless I’m under the weather or wake up in the middle of the night.

I miss the results of getting up early and running, but I don’t miss risking my seven hours over it.

Verdict: Continue to prioritize getting at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Vegetarian (639-day streak)

I admit that it would be easier not to be a vegetarian. I deprive myself and wonder what the actual benefit is. I have my reasons, but I still want to eat whatever I can imagine, like the rest of America.

Verdict: Stay meat-free

100 grams of Protein (1733-day streak)

I have the same breakfast almost every morning. I eat two protein bars and drink a two-serving protein shake. That gets me 75 grams of protein in the morning, and I can usually stumble upon the remaining 25 grams the rest of the day. Most people would easily have that by eating a meat sandwich for lunch or a meat-focused dinner, but it is a little more complicated as a vegetarian.

100 is a nice round number, but I probably only need around 60 grams to maintain my muscle mass. Unfortunately, I don’t do enough (any) weight training to see significant gains from the extra protein, but it does an excellent job of keeping me satiated.

The only negative is that I have considered doing longer than 24-hour fasts, and to do that would mean I would go a day without 100 grams of protein.

Verdict: Continue eating at least 100 grams of protein unless entering a multiple-day fast.

One Punch Man Workout (2101-day streak)

This might be it if I had to recommend a streak to someone. Adding some basic body workouts to your daily routine is simple, and I forgot how much I struggled. Doing 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 100 crunches are done while I brush my teeth and shave.

Verdict: Add 100 seconds of planking

Dancing (1467-day streak)

I kept dancing all year. I have stopped filming myself and generally do a little shuffle and some spins after getting all my personal care done for the day. Sometimes I will rock out, but usually, I will play dance music on YouTube Music for a minute or two. It does an excellent job of putting a smile on my face, which makes it priceless.

Verdict: Dance like no one is watching.

Coming Soon: Blogging, Video Games, No Caffeine, Sobriety, Journaling, Playing an Instrument, Writing Code, Reading, Shaving, Vitamins, Meditation, Teeth care, and Food Tracking.

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