Baseball Is Back

Since the 2016 World Series, I have seen maybe two games at Wrigley Field. I had 34 years of Cubs losing and I have been riding on a high ever since. F1 has been slowly replacing baseball in my heart, but the statistics and data keep me interested.

I’m surprised every day that still works. I made this site eight years ago, and with minimal updates, it still works as expected.

I had to update some backend logic as MLB changed their private API, but it wasn’t terrible. Besides the cost of the domain, the site runs for less than $1/mo … because no one visits it.

I can’t say no one visits it, as I don’t even have Google Analytics installed on the site. But based on how little Google charges me for usage, I’m sure it’s not a substantial number of daily views.

The new season is a reminder that I have been working on talkie-trivia for longer than the baseball off-season. This may sound like a long time, but when you only work on something for 15 minutes daily, that translates to 11.5 eight-hour work days.

This is just my way of justifying my lack of completing a project I am working on for the seventy-third time.

I want to make into an app that can notify you when your team is in a close game. Or in the future when your team will be playing an exciting game. I can use some of the things I have learned from talkie-trivia to get a user login and then give users notifications based on their preferences.

I am ready for the Cubs to be below .500 and not to release warningtrack on mobile by the end of the 2023 baseball season!

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