What Does 2022 Hold?

2021 Streak Review

The streaks I did in 2020 continued throughout 2021, mostly.

I am still running—2060 straight days of 6 or more miles. I ran for over 3200 miles and at least 8 miles each day, which helped me maintain my 15000 steps a day streak.

I plan on running the 2022 University of Illinois Marathon. I am not officially training yet, but running 56 miles a week is solid. I will be in the 40+ age range and try to beat 3 hours and 10 minutes to qualify for Boston possibly.

I am still playing the piano. I have added some music theory into my Synthesia playing and can name the keys on the piano, although I probably couldn’t read them.

I am fasting 15 hours every day. It can be a struggle some days. Most days, I am still counting down the minutes. It can delay my running and prevent me from having late-night drinks, but ultimately it helps keep me from stuffing my face 24-7.

I am still eating at least 100 grams of protein and track all my food in FatSecret. I also haven’t eaten meat since April 1, 2021.

I brush and floss daily. In addition, I do 100 pushups, situps, and squats each day. Finally, I shave and take my vitamins (new post coming?).

I stopped my streak of getting up early every day and replaced it with trying to get at least seven hours of sleep. I read about the importance of sleep and just getting up early in the morning was an arbitrary goal.

I am still writing my blog posts and releasing them every Tuesday. However, I did stop writing comedy for now. I get humor ideas when I’m running, usually making a music video about the song that’s playing. I now listen primarily to podcasts about movies or TV shows.

I take a minute out of my day to listen to club music and start dancing.

Ideas for 2022

What if I learned dance moves? Could I learn choreography? Can I shake my hips like Shakira?

What if I tried comedy again? Instead of pretending to do stand-up one day, what if I practiced impersonations?

Since creating a flash Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard, I’ve wanted to do his voice myself. So why not practice a different famous person each week and see what I can produce?

How about actually producing some videos? My friend and I recorded six episodes of a show we wanted to make. However, they are sitting on my hard drive.

I don’t know what precisely 2022 holds, but I know I will continue some streaks and try to add a few more.

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