Why I Shave Every Day

I have now shaved my face for over 1000 straight days.

This started as a streak shortly before New Years 2018 and I have continued it since.

I’m sure there are people who do this and don’t think to track it. But this simple act has really helped me fight off depression.

Me in March after a hardcore diet following Holiday eating.

I have found a high correlation between me being willing to be photographed or look in the mirror and how I feel about myself. My outside often reflects my inside.

After/Before picture of me shaving.
Please notice the ghost in the before picture.

My fitness and diet are a big part of my life and will be talked about in other posts, but this one is about the simple act of shaving.

I can grow a beard, it’s red, a little scraggly, and has a hole in it, but I can make it work.

It’s not about hating how I look with a beard, it’s about self-care.

The question is if you are willing to spend the time on yourself to make yourself look good. If you don’t think that you are worth spending three minutes of shaving every day then you probably don’t have very high self-worth.

Shaving is a basic self-care item that makes me feel like I am ready for the day. For others this could be brushing your hair, cleaning your face, or trimming your beard.

How I Do It

What does “shaving” mean to me?

It’s a question that most people ask themselves I’m sure.

My wife bought me a fancy shaving kit a few years ago. With a nice brush and fancy face cream. She didn’t understand that I just dry shave.

Now, that’s a bit of a misdirection. I use an electric shaver on my face. Then every other day I do my neck and chest. I will occasionally shave the sides of my head and if I’m maintaining a true mohawk I’ll keep it BIC’d every day. It adds to the time but avoids uneven hair growth and thickness.

My body hair is not the same situation as my facial hair, it’s fairly patchy.

I finish off the job by taking a dry razor and scraping it across my body.

July 2015. Pre-Streak. Ready to drive a semi to my alligator ranch.

I heard there are two benefits of dry shaving. The main one is that your razors basically go bad because of rust. There’s a reason they show their razors getting splashed with water in their commercials, because they want them to rust and you to buy more.

The second is that it helps remove dead skin cells and keeps me looking young and hot. It’s my cheap-ass way of doing dermaplaning.

Almost as good as pimple popping videos.

I usually shave while I’m doing my daily 100 squats, part of another streak…

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