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This is America

I tend to keep my mouth shut when politics become the topic of conversation. This is because I generally don’t feel educated on the matters.

I care about my family and fellow humans and want everyone to live their ideal life. However, I don’t know how to make those dreams realities from a political science standpoint.

How should a government be structured? How much influence should it have? What laws should be in place?

As the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, I seriously questioned if America was the right place for my family and me. But what countries are getting things right? And what, indeed, is America getting wrong?

What’s Out There?

I’ve talked about weather, finances, and education in other posts about possible places to live. But I never considered how other nations may treat each other or how the majority feels about important issues.

A site like shows that America is 60th in their “global freedom score.” The score grades “political rights” and “civil liberties.”

Looking at the Human Development Index, you will find America in 17th place.

You can head over to (yes, the US, as in the United States of America) and see how the USA ranks 19 of 78 countries for “social purpose” (progressive, inclusive, and committed to social justice). The USA is also 20th in “quality of life” and 22nd in “raising a family.” The USA finished sixth overall in the rankings, but you may weigh the factors differently than they did.

On the Legatum Prosperity Index, America is in 20th place.

Where is America First?

Let’s throw America under the bus. America is first in…

Who is Number One?

We’ll take a deeper look at what countries may genuinely be the best places to live. What are their positives and negatives?

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