I Don’t Know My Wife

I love podcasts.

I used to listen to Kevin Smith ramble for hours when I would take my lunch walks. It’s like having a friend hanging out with you whenever you want. You can turn them off when you have had enough. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to tell your actual friends and family that you need to be alone for a few hours.

This dynamic has caused me not to know my friends and family as well as these voices I hear every morning while I walk my dogs.

I have realized that genuine connections are more valuable than those with people who don’t know I exist. But how do I rekindle these poorly managed relationships?

A Podcast!

I want to dive deeper into people’s lives.

I hate having surface-level conversations. It’s like I’m practicing talking.

I don’t want to discuss the weather or state facts I have read. Instead, I want to question mindsets and push boundaries.

There are even simple questions that I have never asked my wife. But, bringing them up in everyday conversation would raise an eyebrow. However, when you’re on a “podcast,” you see it as answering questions someone is asking you and not, “why would you want to know that?”

Creating a podcast also gives the illusion of being productive when just hanging out with your friends. Some friends’ significant others might give an eye roll if they say they will hang out for a couple of hours. But if they tell them they’re going to be on my podcast, it becomes an event!

Let’s make a podcast!

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