A Tale as Old as Time

Why don’t we take the most advanced technology we have and use it to play the simplest game in existence?

What if you let kids enjoy technology while scratching their most basic itch?

Virtual Reality Hide & Seek

Imagine a world where kids, and adults, can play hide and seek with their friends anywhere in the world. They get thrown into a virtual world with beautiful landscapes and plenty of places to hide. Force people out of their hiding spots slowly like battle royale games to keep games relatively short.

You could add in challenges for the hiders to find power-ups and special abilities but also risk being seen.

You could even leverage the game as a place for people to create awe-inspiring worlds that could then be utilized for other platform games. Create a Roblox-like environment. All other variations can be added or purchased while keeping the game itself simple and easy to enjoy.

It’s not earth shattering, but it’s what we deserve.

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