I want to know how much money I’m about to lose.

Ok, well, I’m not great at gambling because I don’t take it too seriously. However, I do find it makes games a lot more fun to watch. I still want to get a sense of what my expected winnings will be during a game. Or even better, if it is even worth me still watching the game.

I created warningtrack.co to be alerted of what baseball games are interesting. This site only takes into consideration who is going to win or lose. What if you have a bet on the point spread or the over and under of the game?

The Pitch

An app that tells you your expected earnings on your bets in real-time.

Putting it Together

We will take the simple example of over/under. If you combine the two team’s points in an NFL game, you get a total score. Then, before the game begins, you place a bet on whether the two teams will combine for more (over) or less (under) than a given total number.

The game starts at 0-0, and the under seems to be a lock. But you can’t just say if you bet the over, you have a $0 expected payout on a $10 bet. So instead, you review the teams’ previous performances and historical trends for games with a similar over/under.

Ok, I’ll admit that I don’t know everything that goes into making an education evaluation of what the current total for a game should be. However, ESPN still predicts defenses to maintain a shutout the entire game in their fantasy predictions, so it’s a low bar to clear.

Also, since I play scared with money, I like to hedge my bets. Maybe my under-pick is looking great, and I have an expected payout of 90% of my winnings. Unfortunately, you either get 100% or 0%, meaning I would like to lock in at least 80% of my winnings. I want to know what the current over/under is and how much money I should bet on the current over to lock in some winnings while having the opportunity to win both bets by middling.

I want to be alerted of good middling opportunities. Or the ones that I have missed so I can hate myself later.

Sportsbooks are just trying to get equal actions on both sides of a line.

While you are trying to lose the least amount possible. With GambleTrack, you can finally know when to watch a new game or turn off your TV completely.

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