Hate Feast

A man is living a different version of my life.

He was born four years and four days after me, from a Chicago suburb, and graduated from the University of Illinois four years later. If I shaved my head, we could be mistaken on the streets. We also have a love affair with eating insanely hot food.

I’m talking about Sean Evans, the creator of Hot Ones.

Hot Ones is a one-on-one interview show, with the twist of both the guest and the host eating progressively hotter buffalo wings.

I think my insanely hot food-eating days are behind me.

Why so serious?

I do have a similar idea, though. Instead of having the contestant eat spicy wings, we have them eat something that they genuinely do not enjoy eating.

This is not to punish or make the guest feel bad. I want to see people try multiple different versions of the same food. You don’t like fruitcakes? Have you tried Goldbelly’s or Frog Hollow’s? I want to know why they hate these particular foods and probably the childhood memories associated with them.

People tie a lot of their emotions and well-being to food. So I want to know what food you really hate and get to the root of the problem.

Let’s sit down together this holiday season for a Hate Feast.

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