Ice Strawz

When I was working, we had a soda dispenser in our office. I would put the soda in a reusable aluminum cup with a straw I never used. Straws are for children and adults who want to remind their companions that they have lipstick on.

But I understand some people enjoy them.

There was also ongoing outrage over plastic straw waste. After experiencing the horror of a paper straw, I knew there had to be a better way!

Why not have a straw made from an ingredient already commonly found in your beverage and environmentally friendly? A straw made out of ice!

I didn’t take the idea seriously when I first thought of it. It was one of those things where it’s such a simple thought you assume that others have thought of it and proven it was not a viable product.

How long would a straw made out of ice last? If it is as thin as a natural straw, it will not last more than a few seconds once you put it in a non-chilled liquid. If you make it too large, you are defeating a straw’s purpose.

Also, how are you actually making the ice straw? Do you use a silicon mold? I wanted to find a way to have the soda machine dispense a straw that can be used with each drink. I envisioned a product that could make a Coke Freestyle machine even sexier.

But ultimately, who wants to start a company based on such a niche product?

I am proud to say someone else has finally had a similar terrible idea.

The Ice Straw by The Ice Guys

1500 people gave this company over $70K for their product.

The product is cheap plastic, so the markup is very high. Would I be willing to go through as much hassle as they did to make¬†maybe¬†$50,000? Maybe to do it once and experience it, but I don’t feel sad for not creating “The Ice Straw.”

Keep your unrealities, unreal.

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