Just Cover Your Eyes

I have always loved movies. I got exposed to them at a young age.

I remember my brother telling me how awesome it was to see Aliens and Die Hard.

I was only 7.

I assume my Mom and Dad fought about him showing my brother and me such violent movies at young ages, but honestly, I had little idea what was happening in the film. I was probably playing with my Transformers. However, seeing Indiana Jones and Last Crusade in theaters reminded me that maybe I was still a little too young for some things.

The Pitch

Create an app that modifies movies based on content restrictions.

So You Like Censorship?

I don’t like censorship, but I do approve of personal choice. If you own a movie and don’t want your kid to see someone chopping off someone else’s head until they are two, I can respect that.

I’m not saying movies or TV shows need to be modified permanently, only to give people a choice. For example, some people may enjoy a pure action cut of Independence Day.

Other people might want to see a version with just the jokes.

How about a scary movie with all the jump scares removed?

I want every movie segment categorized.

I want more data.

I want different ways to watch my movies.

How Does It Work?

Create a crowd-sourced tool that allows people to label films via a timestamp.

It would be great if the MPAA took on this responsibility. They could create a data-based score for a movie. Generate data points for all profanity and what words and context. Imagine going to a theater and knowing that your PG-13 film is only labeled that way because of a single scene that you know won’t bother your younger child.

commonsensemedia.org can help, but it doesn’t provide time information or any data, just a general overview of the movie.

The future will be full of more diverse ways to watch movies. So let’s make it happen.

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