No More Grocery Carts

Every week your local grocery store publishes its deals, and most Americans ignore them.

Maybe you are happy to find steaks are a little cheaper and buy a couple to put in their freezer for the future.

You may even use Blue Apron and Hello Fresh to get preplanned meals delivered to your door. This comes at a high price, though.

Why can’t we have something cheap, fast, and easy?

The Pitch

An app aggregates all the best deals in your area and delivers meal plans using those low-price ingredients.

Start Saving

I don’t have the time to figure out what I need for my meals every week. I also don’t want to spend a lot on whatever I’m thirsting over while I graze the aisles. I definitely don’t want to have to overpay for something shipped to me and think that it’s “fresh.”

Most grocery stores will put out a flyer sending their “deals” for the upcoming week. The prices vary week to week and store to store. You can’t just assume because something shows up in the ad that it actually is a good price. For example, 3 for $10 is a big difference from 2 for $5.

Our system would track historical prices of items and alert you of true can’t miss deals you should stock up on. Its main functionality would be to provide you with a locally sourced version of Blue Apron. First, we show you the possible meals we can create based on local ads. Then we will have it delivered to you or give you the list for pickup.

It’s the Costco of food planning. You know that these are the best deals and you selected what meals you wanted and how many people you want.

Stop thinking about buying food and start eating.

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