Peas in a Bod

In my senior year of college, I started gaining weight. I was unsure of my future, and scoop Chinese, and Mountain Dew became my best friend. My weight ballooned 60 pounds to 225.

After I proposed to my wife, I knew it was time to get on a diet. I was able to lose those 60 pounds in about 6 months. I’ve managed to gain no more than 15 additional pounds after and currently weigh less than I did at my wedding 16 years ago.

Dieting isn’t the only thing I’ve succeeded at. Based on savings, hard work, and a strong financial market, I’ve managed to acquire enough money to allow myself to retire early.

After reading a fair amount of “self-help” books, I believe I could actually combine these two distinct things into a philosophy for tackling health and finance.

I Should Write a Book!

Writing a book has always seemed like a solid way to define a full life. I also like helping others, so why not make a self-help book?

What’s the Book About?

Before you can become healthier or richer, you need to know the rules of the game.

When you weigh yourself in the morning, you weigh more than you did a month ago if you consumed more calories than you expended. Likewise, when you look at your bank account, you have more money if your income outweighs your expenses.

These are simple concepts, but no one likes being told what to do. Among the worst things you can tell someone is they need to get a budget. The worst is probably being told they need to go on a diet. People cringe at words like “moist” and “dollop,” but neither is as fear-inducing as “budget” and “diet.” These words act as prison bars to most American’s carefree lifestyles. I would help reduce these anxieties.

The Building Blocks

Whether you are eating or spending, there are a few items you cannot ignore.

You have to pay bills, just like vitamins and minerals you need to ingest.

If you want to build muscle, you make sure you get more than enough protein; and if you want a more comfortable living space, you pay a higher rent or mortgage.

Your body needs carbohydrates just like you need to purchase food, but there are a variety of ways you can accomplish these feats.

Working Out

There are billions of dollars spent on making your body stronger in hopes of making you healthier. You can learn different types of workouts, from high-impact training to walking with ankle weights. However, you can’t outrun a bad diet.

There are lots of ways to make additional income as well. For example, you can sell your wares on Etsy or re-sell discounted items from stores online. But the best way to earn more money is to save the money you have and let it grow for you.

Who is This For?

Money and Physical Health are the two largest stressors for baby boomers. However, finances are even more important for younger generations.

Linking money and health will help link neural pathways for millions and let me get my face in a library.

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