Slumber Party?

I didn’t get invited to a lot of sleepovers. Or maybe that’s how everyone felt. A slumber party is a wedding invitation fifteen years in advance.

I remember staying up late playing Toe Jam and Earl while we threatened to put someone’s hand in warm water for falling asleep first.

In college, I would stay up so late playing video games that when I did it at home during winter break, my Dad was leaving for work before I got to bed.

I stayed up until sunrise just talking with a girl about life. She told me about how she wanted to meet someone tall and British as well.

I wonder if the act has any origins in ancient humans. Do you think they have tried to show dominance by staying up longer and then stealing the food of those that fell asleep?

I have since wanted to recreate these magical moments in adulthood. Then I read Why We Sleep.

I highly recommend this book. It tells you about the importance of sleeping eight hours. However, it also explains how you also can’t quickly recover from sleep debt. If you stay up all night, it can take weeks for your body to recover fully.


No one should encourage people to go to all-night raves or have late-night gaming sessions. If you’re just a night owl and you can sleep until the afternoon and still get eight hours, ok. However, you will not be seeing your daytime friends and family very long.

How to Recreate A Slumber Party

A slumber party is ultimately a multiplayer game of chicken.

You want to show that you can have fun just as long as everyone else. However, we don’t want to deprive ourselves of sleep because we don’t want to ruin our whole month. So what can we do instead?

We need a sleepover video game!

I’m thinking something in the line of the South Park video games where you are a child who has a mission to get invited to a sleepover and then have hilarity ensue during the sleepover.

It’s time to be a child again. Make some Mario Party like mini-games. Pillow fights. Flashlight tag. Dance Contests. Then figure out who Jenny has a crush on.

It’s time to make sleeping fun again!

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