Tinder for Kids

My brother gave me this idea… He may have presented it a lot more eloquently, but I enjoy this phrasing much more.

There’s a standard pitching strategy when you have a new startup idea. You compare your new business to an existing business as simply as possible.

For example, if you were trying to sell someone on LinkedIn, you would say it’s “Facebook for professionals”. Instagram is “Twitter with Pictures.”

My brother’s great idea is “Tinder for Kids.”

Obviously, the intent of this app is not to encourage kids to date each other. Or even worse for adults to date or spy on kids. But, “Tinder for Kids” is hilarious.

Helping Your Children Find Friends

The real purpose of the app is to accept the fact that most people are terrible at meeting new people and that kids need help too. Telling a kid to go to school and “make friends” is the equivalent of telling your college roommate to go to the bar and “make the magic happen.”

Why can’t parents enter in their child’s school and teacher, hobbies and what times they are usually free to play and find other parents who have similar kids?

Oh yeah… Because of the Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998… I mean you’re literally creating a searchable database for scumbags to find victims.

Ignoring the potential for misuse for a second, it would be amazing if you found out there was a kid in your daughter’s class that lived a block away and also loved Minecraft and hockey.

One of my only friends in grade school was the boy who introduced himself the first day. He would then call and invite me to his house to play video games. If he didn’t have that outgoing personality, I might have never found a friend.

Why can’t we use technology to help our kids find friends safely and securely? Give them tools to meet and talk with kids their own age and schedule meetings with their parents consent.

Let’s make Tinder for Kids!

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