What’s in Your Fridge?

The Pitch

The idea isn’t ground-breaking. It’s Cribs…

…but for just your refrigerator.

The best part is that this could all be done remotely. I call up my famous friends (which I have none) and then have them leave their camera in front of their refrigerator and ask them the simple question.

“Can you tell me what’s in your fridge?”

But Why?

This is actually an interview question I have used in the past when hiring new employees. It’s something that people don’t feel the need to lie about or overthink, they just start listing items.

However, it can give you a lot of insight into the person and their life. They’ll tell you how there’s just beer, or only condiments and maybe some leftover Chinese. Or they may start talking about breast milk or their wife’s organic chai tea or their roommate’s experiments.

It can also lead to a discussion about the food itself. I enjoy talking about food and could have debates about certain brands like why they are a Pepsi drinker. This could lead to easy advertisements for a certain brand, of course, another brand could get trash-talked in a previous episode and wouldn’t want to support you.

Well there goes the Hellman’s media buy.

Alternate Twist

We send a film crew to the person’s house and videotape their actual fridge. Turn it into more of a gotchya show at the end and ask them about why they didn’t talk about the Haagen Dazs in their freezer or the rancid hot dogs in the back of the fridge. This is more interesting, but doubt many people would allow it.

Who Would Want It?

Sell it to Samsung so they can show it on their new smart home refrigerators. I just want to create GIFs of celebrities’ refrigerators.

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