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FIRE Assets and College Financial Aid

I touched on this subject in my 2024 Financial Aid & FIRE and Surprise Benefit of FIRE in Southern Illinois post. Still, I would like to elaborate further on my frustration with the financial aid system of top-tier colleges. 2024-25 FAFSA changes are finally here. There are new calculations for aid. I got deep into this subject in my previous article,… Continue reading FIRE Assets and College Financial Aid

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Costs of Top UK Universities for Americans

The University of Cambridge and The University of Oxford are two of the top five colleges in the world. They are generally ranked only behind Harvard, MIT, and Stanford in the global rankings. Being accepted at either school would be an honor, but the costs are high for international students. The cheapest tuition for Cambridge is ~$32,000,… Continue reading Costs of Top UK Universities for Americans

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University of Toronto Cost for Americans

My oldest child is looking at colleges and said they would like to attend school in Canada. They enjoy the weather and the politics. Unfortunately, the school has become increasingly unaffordable for international students. Tuition is $45,000+, and you should expect to spend another $20,000 in living expenses. Financial aid for Americans is nonexistent. You can use your 529… Continue reading University of Toronto Cost for Americans


Auto Insurance is Terrible

Insurance companies are private organizations designed to make as much profit as possible. This is done by collecting as much in premiums as they can while reducing the amount they are required to pay to their customers. I will be talking about auto insurance specifically, but all privatized insurance follows the same pattern. Every state,┬ábesides… Continue reading Auto Insurance is Terrible