Top 26 US Computer Science Schools 2024

Following my previous post on the top universities in the United States, I am initiating a series that focuses on schools that excel in specific majors. This series aims to provide valuable insights for students, parents, and educators interested in understanding university rankings for specific fields of study.

To be included in the Top 26, a university needs to be ranked in the Top 26 (10 for US News) of at least three of the following lists: Top Universities, Appily, Niche, College Vine, Times Higher Education, and US News. I then excluded the maximum and minimum rankings and averaged the remaining scores to determine the final ranking.

TOP 26

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology211.81
2Stanford University312.01
3Carnegie Mellon University23203.52
4Harvard University1-34.71
5Princeton University4-15.32
6California Institute of Technology1046.02
7Cornell University819.36
8University of California, Berkeley11310.82
9Georgia Institute of Technology312212.06
10Columbia University7-312.76
11University of Pennsylvania6-515.09
11Yale University5-615.09
13University of Chicago12-116.78
14University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign281417.85
15University of Texas at Austin321719.314
15University of Michigan, Ann Arbor16119.316
17University of California, Los Angeles15-220.79
18Johns Hopkins University9-921.015
19Rice University331421.39
20Brown University17-321.75
21University of Southern California22122.017
22University of Washington19-322.58
23Duke University13-1023.012
24Northwestern University14-1025.711
25Purdue University401530.013
26Washington University in St. Louis21-538.019
*I included WashU as the 26th school as it was in the top 25 of two lists and 26th in a third. Also, because of an extreme bias.

Biggest Gainers

Here are five schools to take a second look at if you want to major in Computer Science.

Carnegie Mellon University is a Top 3 computer science school and is on the fringe of the Top 25 in overall rankings.

Georgia Tech ranks 22 spots and joins the Top 10 Computer Science schools.

Illinois, Purdue, Texas, and Rice moved to at least 14 positions and are in the Top 25 Computer Science schools.

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