Top 29 US Communications Schools 2024

To be included in the Top 29, a university must be ranked in the Top 60 of at least three lists: Top Universities, Appily, Niche, and Times Higher Education. Neither CollegeVine nor US News ranked Communication schools.

The reduced number of sites allows schools to be excluded even though they are highly ranked in one or two sites. For instance, Georgia is #7 in Niche but does not qualify for the list below.

1Harvard University2.310
2Stanford University2.731
3University of Pennsylvania5.363
4University of Southern California6.02218
5Massachusetts Institute of Technology7.32-3
6Northwestern University7.3148
7University of Texas at Austin8.33225
8University of Michigan10.0168
9University of California, Los Angeles11.3156
10New York University11.32515
11University of California, Berkeley12.3110
12Cornell University13.38-4
13University of Wisconsin – Madison13.32714
14Brown University15.7173
15University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill17.02611
16Columbia University18.77-9
17University of Washington19.0192
18Michigan State University19.04729
19Johns Hopkins University20.39-10
20Boston University22.33515
21University of Florida26.03413
22Georgetown University27.0308
23Indiana University27.05027
24Duke University27.013-11
25Arizona State University29.36136
26Vanderbilt University30.720-6
27University of California, Santa Barbara31.34114
28Carnegie Mellon University32.323-5
29University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign34.028-1

Biggest Gainers

Arizona State University (+36), Michigan State University (+29), and Indiana (+27) all make it into the Top 25 communications.

Texas (+25) and USC (+18) make leaps into the Top 10 and 5, respectively.

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