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John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023)

Mandy and I were late to see Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 4 in a 97-person theater Friday, May 12, 10:10 am CT.


All trailers were missed


Movie Time: 10:10
Trailers End:?
Movie Start:? (We arrived at 10:41, most likely only missing a few minutes)
Credits Start: 1:11

Movie Start Delay:?
Non-Credit Movie Runtime:?
Listed Runtime: 2h49m

My Brief Review

Action is not my favorite genre. I get most of my action in video games, and seeing it performed by actual humans can sometimes be a bit of a letdown. I, however, had seen all three previous John Wicks and enjoyed them. I rewatched the first two but didn’t ever make it back to the third.

Mandy had never seen any previous John Wick, and I realized how easily the storyline could be explained. “Everyone is trying to kill Keanu.”

The fight scenes were enormous and lasted longer than any I could remember. There is a glorious one-shot that follows Wick through multiple rooms of a building that was on a video game action level. I was so captivated by the action that when you have dialogue, it feels even slower than a regular movie. Even when Mandy understandably groaned at a scene I’ve heard others complain about in reviews, I still couldn’t look away.

There is plenty of action, but the plot is so simple that I can’t understand how the first cut was 225 minutes long. The film also has beautiful cinematography, excellent sound design, and a perfect car scene that is not a car chase. An outstanding action film that stands close to Chad Stahelski’s first John Wick entry.


Tom 8/10

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