Fast or Furious

I’m what some might call a “Buster.”

I remember my brother enjoying seeing Gone in 60 Seconds and loving the cars in the movie. My Dad would talk about his love of the 1965 Mustang.

Our family had a 1998 Red Trans Am that my brother drove to school his senior year, and I drove my junior and senior years.

I thought it looked cool but couldn’t tell the lovely older gentleman that pulled up next to me how much horsepower it had. I guess I remembered it was a V8, at least.

I may have allowed my high school quarterback to peer pressure me into going over 100 on the highway for a few seconds, but ultimately, I wasn’t obsessed with going fast.

However, when Fast & Furious came out on cable, I started to understand the fantasizing about cars.

The movie glorified cars and made me aware of a whole subculture of gearheads. I started to understand how you could get into collecting and modding all the cars in Gran Turismo.

I accepted the franchise but never saw 2 Fast 2 Furious or Tokyo Drift in theaters. However, in 2009 when the rebooted Fast & Furious came out, I was on board.

There is something about how over-the-top these characters are, especially in the later films. These are action films with Mission Impossible-style stunts and superhuman feats of strength. Do I find it ridiculous when The Rock and Vin Diesel team up to body slam a man? Yes. Do I want to see it again? 100%.

I’ve joined my family and friends in rewatching all 10 (yes, Hobbes & Shaw, too) Fast & Furious movies. I have become a bit of a film nerd, but that doesn’t mean I can’t turn my brain off and watch some mindless action. We laugh at the corny parts and quiet when the cars race through the streets.

I laugh when Dom talks about family but is repeatedly willing to leave his nephew fatherless.

Or the gratuitous PG-13-friendly clothing during the race scenes.

Fast X is coming out May 19th, and I will be ready to see a low Rotten Tomatoes score but a high adrenaline score.

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