Movie Review

The Flash (2023)

I saw The Flash in a 137-person Red Recliner AMC Theater on Monday, July 3, at 7:15 CT.

Trailers Seen


  • Start Time: 7:15
  • Last Trailer End: 7:36
  • Start of Movie (after Kidman): 7:39
  • End of Movie: 9:53
  • End Credit Scene: 10:02
  • End of Credits: 10:03

Movie Start Delay: 24m
Runtime: 2h24m
Non-Credit Runtime: 2h14m

Brief Review

This movie would be a five if it weren’t for my love affair with time travel. I am not sad that Ezra Miller‘s career as the Flash is over. He can hopefully have a similar turnaround as Robert Downey Jr., as he is a terrific actor. He and Michael Keaton energize an otherwise dull film. There were a few comedic beats that I genuinely laughed at; it felt like it would have been better diving full R-rated as a Deadpool-esque film.

Add this film to the list of superhero movies that you will probably watch streaming one day and enjoy compared to the usual substandard films.


Tom: 6/10

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