2023 Streaks in Review (Part 2)

There are so many streaks that I need multiple posts to track all of them. Part 1

Blogging (1046-day streak)

I accepted last year that my blog will never be the world’s go-to destination. I mean, my Dad doesn’t even read these things. This is a time capsule for me. I will read these blog posts on my deathbed, and I will remember how naive I was.

Writing the posts challenges me to think of new ideas or research new topics. Or in the case of these streak reviews, to evaluate my current thinking.

Verdict: Blogs are the future

Journaling (1038-day streak)

I don’t have deep thoughts in my journal. The free version of Penzu keeps 100+ words each day that are a general recounting of the previous day. I might think about my feelings about once a week, but generally, it is pure facts.

Verdict: Journal daily via Penzu

Video Games (1464-day streak)

2023 was the year I re-discovered Magic: The Gathering. There was a time while I was working at Intela that I would play cards with a couple of my teammates and even went to a few pre-releases. We even had draft nights. I enjoy the competition along with the gambling aspect of limited. I learned you could play Magic Arena on your phone, and I quickly became hooked again. I could cast my phone to the TV on the treadmill or even hold my phone while running.

At the end of the year, I heard there was a new version of Fortnite called Lego Fortnite. I figured it might be something fun for Emma to play, but it quickly turned into Emma wanting to play Fortnite. Then Emma wanted to play with Logan and me, and it was the first video game since Mario Kart over the summer that the three of us could play together.

Verdict: Keep allowing myself to enjoy playing games

Playing an Instrument (1320-day streak)

2023 was an inflection point of my piano career. I could play almost all of the “very hard” Synthesia songs over the years and realized if I wanted to play music, I needed to do something else. I played a lot of an app that shows sheet music, and you have to select the correct key.

After months of this, I realized that although I could do well in the game, I didn’t know how to play them on an actual piano. I need to combine all my knowledge to become a true musician.

Verdict: Become a piano man

Shaving (2193-day streak)

I’m shocked at the amount of hair I have to shave each day. I’m not that hairy of a man, but I enjoy seeing the hair fall from my face. I enjoy seeing my face in the mirror, not hidden under a beard.

Verdict: Shave every day

Teeth Care (2555-day streak)

I failed a primary goal of mine. I did not see a dentist in 2023. I don’t have excuses. I’m not afraid of visiting the dentist. I am worried about hearing how terrible my teeth are. I have tooth decay in two of my teeth. The same ones I can remember from my Mom’s smile. You can’t hide from your problems, though. I must determine a punishment if I don’t go to a dentist in 2024.

Verdict: See a dentist in 2024… or else!

Writing Code (1246-day streak)

In my previous life, I spent a lot of time around code and developing code myself. It is a great way to challenge your mind, but I also have not been able to finish anything I have started working on. I now have three different apps that I am working on. I stopped working on my WarningTrack app when the baseball season ended. I made some significant progress in getting a login system working. Instead of switching to my movie trivia app, I decided to take on the challenge of learning a new language and trying to code an app in Swift for Magic the Gathering.

My goal last year was to get one of my first two apps on the app store, and I deviated from that plan. But I intend to work on WarningTrack again once the baseball season starts. I enjoy working through the problems, but I would also like to see a product I made officially released.

Verdict: Get WarningTrack on an app store.

Coming Next Week

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