2023 Streaks in Review (Part 3)

We conclude our three-part series in my current streaks.

No Caffeine (228 days in 2023)

I apparently set a goal of 300 days of being caffeine-free. I never checked on this goal. I did worse than the previous year. I have allowed myself to have one Zero-calorie drink daily, which doesn’t affect me too much. A 12 oz can is about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

I don’t want to be a person who “can’t function” without their morning coffee. In college, I drank 4+ cokes a day and sometimes a large Mountain Dew. I believe the sugar is more of what I was addicted to than the caffeine. The recommended daily intake of caffeine is less than 400 mg. I am consuming a tenth of that. I’ll continue to monitor my caffeine intake, but it may stop soon.

Verdict: I’m doing ok with caffeine.

Sobriety (271 days in 2023)

I also set a goal of 200 days of being sober in 2023. I crushed that goal. But it also made me realize that I was drinking almost every other day, which is not great. Is not drinking for 75% of the days in a year good? I’m not drinking red wine with antioxidants; it’s generally to give myself some relaxation. To give my brain an escape from itself.

I went two months without any alcohol at all. On days that I drank, I averaged 2.25 drinks and only four drinks a week. I want to continue monitoring my consumption, but I do believe that I am in an acceptable range of alcohol consumption.

Verdict: Average less than five drinks a week in 2024.

Reading (2097-day streak)

I might have missed a day in 2023. I marked it as read on my app, but Kindle had a missed day. I don’t care.

I wish more books piqued my interest. I read/listened to Ready Player One and Ready Player Two and enjoyed those as a departure from my typical non-fiction consumption. I tried to do more audiobooks but quickly ran out of interesting ones. I find myself forcing my way through non-fiction books that could be more interesting. Most “self-help” type books repeat the same things I’ve incorporated in my life.

I read an interesting book on the heart and will continue to try to find ways to improve myself.

Verdict: Continue challenging myself.

Vitamins (238-day streak)

My biggest failure in 2023.

I discovered that my vitamins were poisoning me.

I was consuming too many B vitamins and giving myself nerve damage. It has been six months since I stopped taking the pills, and I do feel much better. I have some slight symptoms, but nothing compared to what I was feeling. I stopped taking vitamins for a few weeks to help verify my fears.

I only take a probiotic, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Omega-3. I also cut out Iron and Calcium since those might have contributed to my symptoms.

Verdict: Be smart about what supplements I take

Meditation (1289-day streak)

My meditation practice dates back to when I started tracking all my activities. I would get up early in the morning, sit in a chair, and listen to Calm for 10 minutes. I have missed two days since then, but I have also eased up on myself for what my practice looks like. Probably too much.

It has changed me as a person and helped me be more aware of my thoughts and when I get in a negative mental state. But I also don’t need to do it as intently as I used to. I’ve been doing it while lying in bed after getting up for years. Recently, I let myself do it while walking the dog. This isn’t true meditation but a good use of my time.

Verdict: Challenge myself to complete a 10-minute meditation session while planking.

Food Tracking (1885-day streak)

Track food intake is another classic activity that has defined me for years. Food is my most significant addiction. Whenever I’m bored or want to reward myself, I like food. I cannot eat only a reasonable amount of healthy food when I’m hungry. I record about 90% of my calories and let myself slide while on holiday or vacation. I have to register enough to know I hit 100 grams of protein.

I still use FatSecret and upload as many pictures as I can.

Verdict: Keep tracking that food!

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