Teeth. Who Needs ‘Em?

Think back to the last time you flossed your teeth. Did you get the glorious sensation of blood trickling in your mouth? Did you get excited about all the huge pieces of trail mix that flung out? Was it the night before your last trip to the dentist?

Oral hygiene is often taken for granted in America. We put fluoride in our water, so we’re good right?

A few years ago I asked my dad what was something he wished he had done differently in his life, he said, “I wish I had taken better care of my teeth.”

At almost 1400 straight days, my second-longest streak is… taking care of my mouth. Every day I floss and brush at least once. This was actually a 2017 New Years’ resolution that I have kept. It didn’t start because of my Dad. Like most fatherly advice it went in one ear and out the other. It started because I was embarrassed to go to the dentist. I fear conflict and am ashamed to show up to the dentist with inflamed gums and cavities.

I ate a lot of candy as a child and didn’t brush. I even had a silver baby tooth.

I also chipped my front tooth by wrestling with my dog and his name tag hitting me.

My parents were kind enough to get it fixed but didn’t try again after it broke off when I bit a weight bar as a joke.

It was my addiction to deals that actually helped my health. I saw a “deal” for a $100 electric toothbrush on Black Friday 2016. It had an app, so obviously it was going to be transcendent. I thought the app would help hold me accountable and maintain a streak. The app sucked, but my first experience with an electric toothbrush informed me of its true power. The ability to do other things while brushing your teeth. I could now do squats or situps as I brushed my teeth.

I felt like an efficient god.

I struggled to maintain a streak in 2016. But when I was able to associate brushing my teeth with my One Punch Man Workout. The two became a married couple honeymooning in Maui. When I do my workout I do it in the bathroom and I make sure I brush my teeth or shave.

6+ Mile Run. Brush Teeth. One Punch Man Workout.

My Trinity.

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