But What *Should* I Do?

We now live in a world with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and whatever the fuck Samsung is trying to do… People get answers to their pointless questions as quickly as they want.

Google can tell you when the newest movie starts streaming, but it can’t tell you if you should see it.

Siri can tell you where the nearest car wash is, but it can’t tell you if you actually should get one.

The Pitch

An assistant that predicts what you should be doing and tells you when and how to do it.

I Want it All

The amount of research I put into things I want to buy, eat, play, or watch is insane. I can’t start just watching what Netflix wants me to watch, I need reassurance from multiple sources that it’s going to be worth my time.

I also want to know if my friends have done anything that I should be doing. Maybe the latest video game has ok reviews but my friend plays out every night, well then I should try it out.

I want to have the amount of time spent thinking about doing things to be replaced with… Actually doing them!

Isn’t This A Little Too Far?

I feel the only reason why this hasn’t been fully implemented is because people will freak out when they get a message from Google saying, “Hey, Jimmy is laughing really hard at the new Rick and Morty episode you should probably start watching it so you can talk it about with him.”

Isn’t this just one step closer to a singular consciousness? If we have machines telling us what to do, then haven’t we lost all our individuality?

This is a real struggle. The machine should be able to tell us, “You should go see a doctor because your oxygen levels are extremely low.” But it shouldn’t be able to tell us, “You should go vote for the leader that supported this message.”

Software has gone unregulated for a long time and to create a better future we need to draw lines. I would like something to help me find new hobbies. I would not like something to tell me how long I am allowed outside and who I’m allowed to socialize with.

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