Going on a Field Trip

Remember how I have a second website about fictionally traveling to every NFL stadium in one season? Finally, fiction is becoming a reality.

My son and I will take to the road, and between August 12 and December 20th, we plan on seeing every single NFL stadium.

The Decision

Visiting every stadium started as a pure mathematical thought exercise. Since I have retired, the dream is much more obtainable, but I have a wife who works and two school-age children who aren’t as flexible. My daughter is not a football fan, and neither is my wife. My son is a football maniac, though. He follows the Falcons passionately. We even did an NFL draft live stream together.

My daughter also really wanted to go back to school in person. She loves playing pretend and sports at school with kids her age. On the other hand, my son does not want anything to do with school. He is about to enter eighth grade in a brand new state. He was constantly bullied and isolated at his old schools.

How do we accommodate our two wildly different children? My wife and I already struggled being separated when we tried to work on our new house alone. We didn’t want to split the family up, but we also didn’t want to avoid the challenge because of how much easier it is to follow social norms.

We told our 12-year-old son to figure out what a trip to every NFL stadium would look like. If he was going to be homeschooled on the road, he needed to know that budgeting and planning would be part of his education. We gave him a deadline, and he presented an initial plan that worked. He and I then spent another couple of days figuring out a reasonably optimal route, including trips back to Saint Louis and spending holidays with family. We succeeded.

The Plan

I’ll keep most of the intense planning details to, so please feel free to follow our journey there in the coming months, but here’s the gist…

DateAway TeamHome Team
8/12/2021WashingtonNew England
8/14/2021New OrleansBaltimore
8/19/2021New EnglandPhiladelphia
8/22/2021NY GiantsCleveland
8/27/2021PhiladelphiaNY Jets
8/28/2021Green BayBuffalo
9/12/2021ChicagoLA Rams
9/13/2021BaltimoreLas Vegas
9/26/2021Green BaySan Francisco
10/7/2021LA RamsSeattle
10/10/2021BuffaloKansas City
10/24/2021WashingtonGreen Bay
11/4/2021NY JetsIndianapolis
11/18/2021New EnglandAtlanta
11/21/2021San FranciscoJacksonville
11/22/2021NY GiantsTampa Bay
12/2/2021DallasNew Orleans

There are 32 NFL teams, but only 30 stadiums as the NY and LA teams share a stadium. This creates the situation where we will never see the LA Chargers play a game. So ultimately, we will see 29 games in 115 days, on average a game every four days.

We saved a trip to Soldier Field for last. We both have already seen games in the stadium, and we will be able to see a Monday night game while we visit family in Chicago for Christmas. We also planned on spending Thanksgiving in Florida to be with his grandparents.

My Dad will join us for some of our midwest stadiums. We also are meeting one of Logan’s friends in Baltimore! Other family and friends are always welcome!

I’ll probably stop posting on this site for a while. But my son and I will continue posting updates on

Let’s see some football!

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