Gran Turismo 7: At What Cost?

I intended to write a post gushing over Gran Turismo 7 in PSVR2. The gameplay is unmatched.

But that just made me realize what I spent to have the experience I am having.

Playstation 5: $500
PSVR2: $550
Gran Turismo 7 & Thrustmaster T248: $390
Next Level Racing Cockpit (NLR-S015): $300

$1740 to play what I feel is the best gaming experience ever.

There are other games you can play with all of the above. However, this is the minimum you need to spend to feel what I feel when I perform significantly worse than the best racers in Gran Turismo.

How out of touch do you have to be to recommend people spend $1500 for one game?

Here’s how you save some of that $1500… you don’t need a television to play it! The PSVR2 is wired and requires no batteries; you no longer need a TV. Sell it!

You also don’t need a couch or chair as you now own a fully reclinable chair! Boom!

You will also save on snacks and drinks because you don’t want to get dust on your wheel or make your headset sticky. Finally, you will lose weight by not moving because you will spend three hours trying to improve a lap time by two-tenths of a second and failing.

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