Putting an End to 2020

2020 has meant different things to different people, but to me, it was the year I became financially independent, retired, and decided to move back to the Midwest.

Unfortunately, for most Americans, it is a different story.

I didn’t have to decide between bringing home a paycheck and keeping my family healthy. When asked if my kids should be sent back to school, I was financially able to say no.

After the initial crash in the stock market, I was able to hold my money since I didn’t need it any time soon. Before I knew it I was selling from strength and paying off my mortgage. Most Americans can no longer afford their rent or mortgage. And for a portion of the ones that can, they have to put their health and their family’s health at risk.

I did not receive a $1200 stimulus check, but how much did that even help those that needed it? Why do people have to choose between their family’s physical and financial health?

I’m able to stay safe in my nice house while others have to head out to work and real-life struggles every day.

It’s hard to write self-focused blog posts when millions are struggling financially, emotionally, and physically.

I hope anyone reading this realizes that their life has worth and whatever 2020 means to you and the people you care about that you keep trying your best to do what is best. I hope my posts give you something to look forward to. I promise to continue to post tangential GIFs that make no sense to anyone besides half of my brain.

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