What is “Woke”?

I recently visited Busch Stadium to see a Cubs vs. Cardinals game with my 11-year-old. Even though my team lost, I had a wonderful time. But, I noticed how many people were drinking Budweiser Select. Although I’m not originally from the area, I am familiar with the amount of Bud Light commonly consumed there. I was familiar with the controversy but didn’t think seeing the boycott in action would be this obvious.

When I asked for the Bud Light, my bartender was slow to get me the Bud Light. I initially shrugged it off but later heard her tell another patron, “I don’t have it in my fridge.” This same patron corrected another beer drinker who asked for a “Bud Light Select.” He wanted to ensure no one was saying “Bud Light” around him.

Bud Light sales are crashingGo Woke, Go Broke.

But why? Why do people feel hiding their bigotry behind a boycott is acceptable?

Florida even installs legislation to stop teaching children to be “woke.”

Definition Time

Woke is a complex term to define. Its recent origin is the past tense of the wake. The slang term could first be seen as someone who is now awake or aware of the world.

aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice) 

Webster definition

If you take Webster’s definition at its face value, you would have to be a terrible person to think that being “woke” is a bad thing. Why would you not want to be aware of important societal facts and issues? The assumption would be that you do not think these things are important or do not believe they are facts.

Disparagingof or relating to a liberal progressive orthodoxy, especially promoting inclusive policies or ideologies that welcome or embrace ethnic, racial, or sexual minorities. #3 definition clues us in on what those who are boycotting Bud Light feel “woke” means. I would say that they stop before the first comma. If you have liberal ideals, then you are “woke.”


The “conservative” use of the term woke is gaslighting.

If you use the term to attack or disparage someone, you are trying to make someone feel bad for supporting other human beings.

You don’t like being told you’re a bigot, so you try to convince people that they are the problem.

Wake up to how you’re using woke.

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