A New Form of Live Entertainment

TBS revived Wipeut in April. Although it is an extraordinary show for simple entertainment, I want to take it to the next level.

Wipeout takes relatively normal people and puts them through an obstacle course that can be physically punishing. I like to think of it as American Gladiators meets Ninja Warrior.

The show provides laughs for the audience at the expense of the pain of the contestants.

I want to bet on it.

The Pitch

I want to mix Wipeout, American Gladiators, and Medieval Times to create an in-person entertainment spectacle in Vegas.

Did You Say Medieval Times?

My parents told my brother and me that they were taking us somewhere special for dinner as a child. I was hoping this meant McDonald’s. As the car ride took longer and longer, I started getting really anxious.

When we arrive at a large castle, I was less than impressed. I had no idea what was happening, but I knew it did not involve video games and laser tag. However, once I could drink soda from a mug and eat chicken with my bare hands, everything improved.

My favorite part about Medieval Times is being placed on a team of a certain color. You may have no allegiance to the color green, but as soon as you put on the crown, you’re willing to cheer hard against any of those inferior colors. I want to take it to the next level. Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games?!

No one is going to die… intentionally…

It’s more like a mixture of the Hunger Games and Roman Gladiators.

You allow participants to volunteer as tribute before the competition to represent their team color and provide entertainment for their families. Paying $60 for a ticket to Medieval Times does not excite me. However, if you told me that I had a chance of running through an insanely fun obstacle course as part of the price of admission? Yes, please!

To make it even more exciting, you get to bet on the contestants after being announced. You get a free bet for your team’s player but can be on the competition and propositions. Who will win each event? Will the contestant fall or not? Will the course record be broken?

Give the people what they want.

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