White Noise for Real

My wife is an audiologist. This idea would make here sad.

People go to sleep to the sound of their favorite TV show, put on a certain playlist, or play “white noise” from an app on their device.

Unfortunately, these coping mechanisms have been proven to be addictive. Maybe as a kid, your family didn’t have A/C, so you had a fan on in your room, and now you can’t go to sleep without a fan on. You couldn’t fall asleep, so you put The Office on, and now that’s the only way you can go to sleep. You’re hooked.

I don’t encourage the use of white noise, but since this is an unreality…

The Pitch

I want to make Spotify for white noise.


I want to encourage brands to release white noise sounds like artists release songs.

For example you probably have a certain fan that you use every night in your house when you go to sleep. But then when you stay somewhere else, you can’t fall asleep. You need your exact fan noise.

There are apps that allow you to record and loop your own sounds, but getting studio quality with perfect looping would be worth the price.

You could even market fans with the app. You want to buy a fan, but you want to know how it sounds at high speed.

The final step is allowing people to sell their own noises. Get authentic thunderstorms from different regions of the world. I want to hear the wind blowing through the trees of the Amazon and let the creators get paid for their creations. People can make their own mixes of different white noises and share with the public.

Have a small monthly fee and get bought by Spotify for a cool $10 Million.

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