I love running. The only piece of equipment I need is shoes, and due to my love of sneakers, it’s never a problem for me to have a pair on hand. I also actually enjoy running on the treadmill. I know what to expect and the pace that I need to maintain. The only issue is determining what game I’m going to play or what I’m going to watch.

…Unless I’m going to run outside.

When you do a physical activity outside, it’s not just about avoiding the rain. You also want to avoid extremes while still working the workout into your daily schedule.

The Pitch

An app that understands my ideal running conditions and schedule and tells you when to get your run done in the sun.

Current Conditions

Most people start their days by checking their favorite weather app. The app might tell you the temperature and cloud conditions per hour, but it’s not customized to you. It also isn’t giving you a “run feel.” Forty degrees on a clear day with no wind is different from a 50-degree cloudy day with strong winds. Even previous hours’ conditions can change how your activity feels.

I want to create a personal “runability” score that weighs all possible weather factors to give you a unique score on the ideal temperatures.

In the morning, you could receive an email ranking the best possible times of the day by score and even suggesting what gear you should wear.

Let the weather help keep you fit!

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