Food Music Videos

Eating Nestle Crunch bars and playing Kriss Kross Make Your Own Music Video consumed a lot of my life as a 10-year-old. So it makes sense why now, whenever I watch a music video, I think about food.

Most songs are love songs. They are generally referring to humans, but why not food?

You Want To Write Food Love Songs?

I am no musician. I have been learning the piano but barely know any notes or chords. Someday I would love to write food love songs that rival “Eat It.”

Since I won’t write any new material, why not do the next best thing? Use the original artist’s music, but make a music video centered around food!

Let’s say that the song is about how much a man loves a woman. Instead of a woman, we imagine they are singing about a Chicago-style hot dog.

As an American, I don’t just enjoy food; I treat it like a family member who doesn’t say weird shit at Thanksgiving. People will get understand.

We hide the main food love interest through the song’s first half. Then we show how the person is really in love with food and not a human. At the song’s end, it escalates to a highly unnecessary level.

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