Get on the Bandwagon

We want to feel a part of this world.

We want to feel the same things other people are feeling.

We don’t want to be outsiders.

But, unfortunately, we also can’t follow everything even our best of friends are doing.

Movies. Sports. Television. Politics. Science. Technology.

We want to stay up-to-date on every possible topic. But that’s not possible.

The Pitch

Create an app that aggregates recent news, facts, and talking points for your interests.

Isn’t This Just Reddit?

Reddit tracks your favorite things, but there’s still too much to absorb. You have to scroll through many uninteresting things to get to the meat of what’s going on. Even if you provided a simple newsletter for the best posts of the day, you wouldn’t get the best comments and simple summaries.

Imagine your boss is a huge Buffalo Bills fan. You not only don’t care about the NFL but especially don’t care about a team whose stadium still has bench seating. You would like to get on the Bills bandwagon and stay current on how their playoff run is going, but you don’t want to have to spend more than three minutes of your day preparing for your water cooler chat.

Our app would provide you with adequately aggregated and human-readable summaries of topics of interest to you. We will give you links for further research if you desire, but you probably won’t.

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