When is it eSports Time?

I play video games.

I also love competition. I played sports most of my young life and am always ready for a challenge. As I grew older, I have continued playing video games and now watch classic sports on TV. These gladiators are sacrificing their bodies for our enjoyment.

It’s hard for me to watch these grown men receive permanent damage playing a game they love. Yet, it has become a mainstay in American culture, and I have to wonder, for how long? I feel compelled to watch NFL games. Likewise, I need to watch Marvel movies because it is part of the American conversation.

The Pitch

Create eSports bars to help push video game competition to the forefront of popular media in America.

A Bar Like No Other

It’s a simple play aimed at twenty and thirty-somethings.

I will admit that as a soon-to-be 40-year-old father of two, I don’t have a strong sense of what is popular among 20-somethings, but I do know that the landscape is changing. For example, when I was visiting all the NFL stadiums, I did not see a lot of young adults there.

When I was coding, many of my younger co-workers were avid gamers and would watch Twitch on their breaks. Video gaming has been around long enough to seep into all social consciousness.

Why not provide a safe space for gamers to gather and watch their favorite eSports or Twitch streamers together. Have video game trivia and a place to play games? Games are not just for kids, and our eSports bars will help push entertainment that we can be proud to watch as a nation.

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